Stronger Together

The Association of Small Businesses was created by a group of small business owners.

Individually, we are people who have had some level of experience when it comes to starting out or growing a business.  Collectively, we are a growing community of people with a common goal.  We want to offer support to each other whether this in the form of sharing contacts – or actively seeking business opportunities for one another.


We have been established to achieve the following goals

Reduce the number of businesses failing within the first 5 years of trading

Our sole aim is to help your business succeed. We do this by providing support and information from our panel of like minded business owners.

Provide opportunities for members to acquire more business

From sources otherwise not available to them, raise their company profiles and keep up to date with legislative and legal issues that affect small businesses.

Leverage group purchasing power to secure discounted deals on multiple goods and services

These range from purchasing products for re sale through to utilities such as gas, electric, water, waste disposal, telecoms and even large purchases such as vehicles or tools for the trade. The cost of running a business is one of the most commonly cited reasons for failure and ASB members can reduce outgoings by thousands of pounds a year. Our motto is stronger together and we are always working to secure better deals on essentials and quality products for our community. The larger we grow the stronger this leverage becomes and the better deals we can access for all involved. These savings can be used to offer better deals for your customers or boost your own profits

Cultivate a strong business community.

Our community passes leads and business opportunities among itself as well as attracting outside opportunities from the public and corporate sphere.

Start Your Journey Today

The Association of Small Businesses is completely free to join, and the process is simple.