Privacy Policy – Association of Small Businesses

At the Association of Small Businesses, we place the utmost importance when it comes to your privacy. Our mission is to have a policy that is completely transparent, so you are fully aware as to how we are storing your information.

At no point are you specifically required to provide any information to us, but if you do want to get in touch with us to discuss joining our small business community – or you simply want to make a query, we will ask for the below:

Email address
Phone Number

The only reason we request this from you is so that we can get in touch with you regarding your query.  It should be noted that we have the right to update our privacy policy at any point.

Should it at any time breach our terms and conditions or if you feel that it’s inappropriate – you can let us know, and we can revert to the original privacy policy.


To allow you to access elements of the website that are interactive we may use cookies.  This won’t store or give us access to any personal information. 

How is this Information Used?

Any info that is submitted will be used solely for contacting you.  We may visit this data purely for statistical reasons to improve our website.  Information will not be given to any 3rd parties without prior permission.

If we Update our Terms?

Information would only be shared with organisations who provide services alongside us, we wouldn’t give any other 3rd party access to your personal details.

Should we change any practices at any point, this will be updated on our website.  You can choose to opt out of these policies at any point – all you need to do is contact us.

Can We Make Corrections?

If you want any information that we have on you, you can contact us and we will provide it upon request.  If anything is not accurate or out of date, get in touch and we will amend.  At any point in the future you feel the Association of Small Businesses is not in line with our privacy policy, make sure you let us know straight away.