How To Find Trade Leads For Businesses

When it comes to finding leads for business, tradesmen have a lot to choose from. Some like to stick to word of mouth while others join business networks like ASB to get leads. Here, we are going to discuss the different benefits and drawbacks of the methods for finding trade leads. Keep reading to find out more.


One of the best ways to find trade leads for your business is to network with other tradesmen. You’ll find that there are plenty of local networking events in your area where you can find people who can bring you leads. Some people like to use BNI to find leads as these are regular meetings where businesses can help each other out. Both one-off networking events and BNI are great but they require a lot of commitment and time spent going to events. If you want to be part of a network without having to do any networking, then you should consider joining ASB.

Word Of Mouth

If you are a local tradesman trying to find trade leads, then you’ll find that word of mouth is the holy grail. If you do a good job, your customers might be more likely to tell their friends about you and you will get more business this way. This is the best way of generating leads, but it is not always consistent as people don’t always know someone else who needs a similar job done and it can take several years to build up a solid client base. You may also need to maintain visibility in the areas you work with using Facebook posts and van deliveries, so people can easily find you again because recommendations can happen years after you initially did work for a customer and they may not have kept your phone number.

To fast track yourself in the first few years or to build up new word of mouth streams in different areas you may need to consider other forms of lead generation as a temporary measure.

Aligning With Other Trades

Another great way to generate trade leads is to align yourself with other trades. This can be hard to do initially if you don’t know a lot of other local businesses. If you become a member of ASB, you’ll be matched up with other tradesmen in your area who can work together to refer each other. These people will also be self-employed, and you’ll help each other to generate leads. This is a concept which is heavily utilised by networking organisations such as BNI and is referred to as a power circle. Creating a solid power circle can take a few years if done organically but by joining ASB or a similar network you can speed up this process dramatically. What makes the leads that you will receive this way preferable is the fact that you come recommended by an already trusted source. You will in turn be able to return the favour by referring others work. The old saying you scratch my back is relevant here

Pay Per Lead Sites

Pay per lead sites such as Rated People or My Builder can be great for finding trade leads but often you are competing with up to 5 other tradesmen on price when you use these sites. This is important to think about when signing up to these sites as you will want to be able to generate a lot of leads without having to work with small profit margins.


One of the main aims of the ASB is to provide members with a platform to generate leads and create exposure for their business.

ASB members are part of a community that passes leads and work to each other first so as tradesman you will be the first choice for several other local businesses when they need to engage a trade.

We are also in the process of establishing an ASB ‘find a trade’ service which will allow members of the public to access ASB approved trades.

Unlike paid sites such as check a trade and mybuilder

  • there will be no cost to participate and receive leads from the service.
  • There will only be a maximum of 2 trades competing for any job.
  • Members of the public will have increased confidence in your services before you set foot in the door due to the pre registration checks we carry out before approving a member

The scheme has not launched yet but if you would like to be considered for membership please click here or email and a member of the team will be in touch.